Urgent Care Medical Billing Services

Our highly experienced medical billing and coding experts through constant training ensure that they are up to date on the latest changes in urgent care codes and payer requirements.

Urgent Case Medical Billing Services

We’ve built our revenue cycle management solution on a proven healthcare technology platform and the expertise from providing medical billing services to numerous urgent care practices throughout the country.

Optimize Your Urgent Care Practice

With over 50 R&D team members and dedicated technologists, we streamline the systems and processes for any organization large or small. We make sure that the claims we submit are accurate in order to provide the fastest reimbursement. Intellimed is one of the largest revenue cycle management and healthcare IT vendors, we bill and manage for over 20 providers on over 10 platforms. Our billing experts understand.

Comprehensive Urgent Care Billing, EHR and Practice Management System

From initial appointment scheduling to patient’s history or even billing details, you can handle all administrative tasks using our smart EHR and practice management systems.

Benefits of Our Urgent Care Billing Services

  • Improved Collections and Revenue

  • Automates Administrative Tasks

  • Accelerated Payments and Reduced Stress

  • Real-time Eligibility Verification

  • Cost Efficient Solution.

  • Reduce Medical Errors

  • Urgent Care Billing Expert Teams

  • Manage your Practice from Anywhere

  • Easy and Efficient Documentation

  • Increase Accuracy and Reduce Risk of Non-Compliance

  • 24/7 Accessibility to your Patient Data and Financial Information