Hiring a reputable Medical Billing Company for Oncology Services

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Hiring a reputable Medical Billing Company for Oncology Services

Oncology service revenue is directly proportional to prompt billing, follow-up, and account reimbursement. One of the most critical choices medical service providers must make when it comes to the business side of healthcare is hiring a reputable medical billing company.

A reputable and knowledgeable oncology billing business must manage your revenue cycle. Because Oncology medical codes are so complicated, invoicing for oncology services can be more complex than billing for services in any other specialty. As a result, having skilled oncology coders familiar with cardiovascular terminologies, coding, and billing is essential.

How Can We Assist in Oncology Billing Services?

Medical billing services are something Intellimedx has years of experience in. Our skilled oncology billing specialists will do the correct oncology billing and coding for timely payment and the highest possible reimbursement. Contact us right now for more information in-depth on how we may assist you in receiving the highest possible reimbursement for oncology services. We offer comprehensive oncology billing services in addition to specialized billing services, such as the following:

  1. Services for Verifying Insurance Eligibility
  2. In this procedure, we will check whether patients' insurance policies cover oncology services and if the patient's plan has any referral or pre-authorization requirements. We accurately calculate the patient's co-payment and the deductible after checking with the help of our oncology billing, cash flow, reimbursements, and insurance eligibility verification services.

  3. Services for charge entry and demographics
  4. Charge entry, which establishes the payment amount for the healthcare organization, is the key step in the billing process. The patient's account is especially charged according to the information available on their FaceSheet. Since the staff entering patient demographics must input extremely accurate data into the system, talent is essential. You may rely on our team of oncology billing specialists to offer you high-caliber, error-free patient demographic, and oncology charge entry services.

  5. Analysis & Billing for Oncology
  6. To confirm the services rendered and properly assign the oncology codes, our oncology medical billing team examines several sources in a patient's file, including the doctor's transcription, diagnostic test, imaging reports, and other sources. Submitting incorrect codes may result in ongoing claim denials, underpayments, and a disrupted workflow. However, such difficulties can result in unnecessary claim-related burdens and complex medical billing issues.

  7. Follow-up services for AR
  8. It can undoubtedly take plenty of time and effort to properly follow up on every case of accounts receivable. To minimize the number of AR days, we actively chase unpaid Oncology claims. Therefore, to ensure that rejected and underpaid claims are processed and repaid on schedule, our Oncology accounts receivable management team also ensures they are appealed as soon as feasible.

  9. Collection and analysis of denied oncology services
  10. Companies must regularly track claim denials since they might cause considerable losses. Our team of oncology collection specialists identify the cause of the denial, correct any mistakes, and resubmit the rejected claims within the allotted period for filing.If the claim is rejected for not having enough or required information, the information gaps are filled as soon as possible. Our oncology billing specialists assist in maintaining track of denied claims, thoroughly examining the reasons behind denied claims for process improvement to reduce the amount of denied claims.

  11. Posting of Payment
  12. The first line of defense in identifying payer concerns is payment posting. Oncology RCM team members are qualified to handle denials for medical necessity and to identify prior authorization. To confirm that every payment aspect has been recorded into the system correctly, we review ERAs and the scanned EOBs. The information is then correctly updated in patient accounts.

  13. Authentication Services for Providers
  14. A most signatory step in the revenue cycle is provider credentialing, which is how a healthcare provider establishes a close relationship with payers. Therefore, the method enables patients to pay for consumed oncology services by using their insurance cards while also encouraging the provider to be compensated for the medical services rendered. By implementing ERA, our oncology billing team processes payments more quickly, increases referrals, addresses revenue leakage, lowers denials, and recognizes provider trends.

  15. Healthcare Billing Software
  16. Without any doubt, an essential step in the revenue cycle management procedure is billing software. That is why billing and other administrative tasks are well-known for taking much time and paper. Billers may submit, track, and code claims with the most significant efficiency, thanks to contemporary oncology billing software solutions.

Make Intellimedx your first choice for oncology billing services

To satisfy the unique demands of your healthcare organization, we provide a wide selection of oncology medical billing solutions. From standalone hospitals to healthcare systems with numerous facilities and specialty programs, Right Medical Billing has demonstrated experience dealing with short-term and long-term care facilities. You can access many resources when you contract Intellimedx to handle your oncology billing. Offering HIPAA-compliant Oncology billing services and utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technology are critical justifications for selecting our team as your medical billing and coding partner.Our professionals are accessible around-the-clock to respond to your inquiries and provide prompt billing services. We offer specialized and reasonably priced medical billing and coding services.


With years of experience in the healthcare industry, Intellimedx has no trouble identifying clients' needs and delivering medical billing services. Our team is qualified to work on various technologies and solutions for oncology billing and other specialties. To provide you with the most outstanding services, reduce your administrative hassles, and strengthen professional activities, we can work with the most popular medical billing software.