Difference between hospital affiliation and hospital privileges

hospital affiliation and priviliges

Hospital privileges

Medical professionals with hospital privileges can practice a specific type of patient care in a specific medical facility. Physicians are given privileges under their past performance and present medical credentials.

Several kinds of hospital privileges

Hospital affiliation

A hospital affiliation is a contractual partnership with a licensed hospital to provide services for patients with medical conditions who require hospital services, equipment, and employees for in-patient care.These are the hospitals where this doctor has affiliations, meaning he or she can use the facilities to treat patients. When the doctor tells the health plan of any changes or every three years, the health plan verifies this information. The self-reported data is constrained by the matching standards applied to credentialing and re-credentialing.

Hospital affiliation VS Hospital privileges

Benefits of Hospital Affiliation

Benefits of hospital privileges


For the delivery of high-quality healthcare and collaborative patient care, affiliation and privileges are both essential. Hence, it's important to comprehend the difference between hospital affiliation and privileges since it makes the duties and obligations of healthcare providers within a hospital environment clear. A healthcare provider's ability to provide medical care within a particular hospital is governed by their privileges, not their affiliation, which gives them access to resources and a referral network.

Intellimedx plays an important role in assisting healthcare providers with the financial aspects of their practice, particularly those linked to hospital affiliation and privileges. By effectively managing revenue cycles, insurance verification, coding, claims administration, and compliance, they support the efficient running of hospital-affiliated services, maximize reimbursement, and support healthcare professionals in concentrating on providing high-quality patient care.